From generating pre-sales with exciting imagery to graphically representing a group of similar products with family shots, renders create momentum in the market for all types of businesses. Take a look below at some of the different types of imagery IQ can provide.


1. Product Animations

Let IQ show create a video on how a product works! A picture says a thousand words; whereas, a video tells it all. IQ can render high quality 3D animations to be used across all media platforms. To get the process started, submit a CAD model or let IQ create the 3D geometry for you.


2. Section Views

Section views are a great way to visualize the internals of a duct. In addition, these views allow for descriptions on how components interact with one another in-context. A variety of section views can capture all components and the full function of an assembly.  


3. Heavy Machinery

Have a machine assembly created in CAD? Some of the largest machines in the industry have been rendered by IQ. Having imagery of your machine assembly before it's manufactured can be crucial to have for sales meetings, presentations, or even imagery to support your website and catalog needs. 

4. Ortho Graphics

Sometimes the simple views show it all. Ortho-graphics are the industry standard, providing necessary angles to showcase a product’s features & dimensional tolerances. These include: front, back, right, left, top, and bottom views.

5. Exploded Views

Visualizing a product in 3D space allows user to see all components captured in an assembly. An exploded view shows the relationship or order of an assembly of various parts. These views are used in parts catalogs, assembly, and maintenance manuals and other instructional material for print or on the web.



6. Unique Perspectives

Unique angles give products a flare that orthographic views cannot. These views allow users to view products in 3D space with detailed call-outs of features and parts.

7. Ghost Views

Want to display the internals of your product without cutting through the exterior shell? Ghost views are the solution. These types of renders allow user to see all internal components of a product, while maintaining the context of the assembly. 

Toon Render Example.559.jpg

8. Technical Renders

Technical line drawings that offer engineered views for various applications. Highlight the key features of rendered parts that wouldn't normally stand out in a fully rendered view seen in a unique perspective.  


9. New Product Catalogs

Have a product launching soon? Need new imagery to support your team’s efforts to get the news out? With ISOQUE, we can deliver imagery to you before the product hits the manufacturing floor. Click and drag to scroll through the pages below.