ISOQUE believes life is all about a healthy balance. While we work hard, we also understand the importance of time outside the office. If you’re not taking advantage of everything Santa Barbara has to offer, what’s the point of living here?

If team outings to go mountain biking, diving, climbing, sailing, surfing, and fishing don’t sound like fun to you, IQ probably isn’t your calling. If you’re not the social type and can’t take or make a joke, IQ might not be your thing. But if you’re outgoing, you love the great outdoors, and you have a sense of humor, IQ just may be the perfect place for you.


Industrial Designer

You are an independently-minded, creative person with a passion – a need – to design.

You’re trying to find that perfect workplace where you can exercise all of your well-developed skills, your bright ideas, your keen eye for form, and your sense of humor, all at the same time. Don’t forget you might mention you have amazing taste in music. Seriously, nobody has better taste in music than you do.

You will take the lead in client relationships and strive to ensure that their needs are on time and on budget. Although you’ve got big ideas, you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get technical: you’re skilled at integrating ideas into original hand-sketched concept drawings and electronic renderings, models, mechanical drawings, and written reports. You know how to develop technical digital layout drawings for mock-up prototypes and initial product parts details and assembly, creating conceptual models using 3-D and 2-D computer modeling software. You live and breathe innovation. Don’t forget your interdisciplinary education of Industrial Design skills and Engineering collaboration need to blend extremely well.

You love California and can’t imagine living anywhere else. You know it’s OK to go surfing for an afternoon.

Your sketching skills are outstanding, but you’re too down-to-earth to think anything of it. You leave your ego at home, even when you’re doing some insane Keyshot renderings of the most beautiful form you’ve ever built in SolidWorks (a must), but maybe Rhino too. You enjoy collaboration and know that it’s all about making the product better.

You like small teams, because you get to wear a lot of hats. You will be taking on your own manager role.

You have a tight portfolio. You’ve built it using a bunch of expensive Adobe products. It features all of your best problem-solving skills and elegant solutions, all drawn up digitally in Sketchbook Pro or Photoshop. The portfolio shows your background research, your thought process, your experimentation, your failures, and how you arrived at your final design. An awesome design with PROCESS shown. Yes it’s true – we like to see how you think.

You can’t wait to send that portfolio via the form below and see where this journey takes you. Don’t forget to send your resume along too, because you’re pretty proud of where you went to school and the work experience you’ve gained so far.

You’re curious – that’s part of the reason you’re such a good designer. It’s why you’re here right now to start a new adventure with ISOQUE.

Submit your credentials and we will be happy to review them!

Mechanical Engineer

talent + passion + creativity = you

If that’s true, our ears just perked up.

ISOQUE is looking to add a Mechanical Engineer I or II to the team. Take a look at the requirements below — if you think you fit the bill, submit your resume at the bottom of the page.


    • BSME/MSME with 2+ years experience in product developement
    • SolidWorks proficient with experience surfacing and using FEA tools
    • Strong technical expertise in mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics and structural analysis
    • Experience generating detailed drawings and other engineering documentation
    • Ability to effectively communicate ideas with words and sketches
    • Ability to work autonomously and achieve goals independently
    • DFM/manufacturing knowledge, rendering/animation experience a plus

What we'll expect from you:

    • Strong relationships with clients, from putting their ideas on paper to delivering the final package
    • Assistance with proposal generations, from time and cost estimations to risk analyses
    • Concept generation in 2D sketches as well as in CAD
    • Full-detail design work, including FEA, optimization, DFM, and fabrication documentation
    • Presentation compilation, effectively communicating design direction
    • Ability to work independently and achieve goals on your own, without micromanaging

Admin Coordinator

Running a business is difficult. There just aren’t enough hours in a day to do everything yourself.

ISOQUE is looking for an exceptionally organized and put-together administrative coordinator to help with day-to-day operations. Meetings need scheduling, reminders need setting, and phone calls need taking. It’s hard work, but we assure you it won’t be thankless.

So if multi-tasking is your thing and Efficiency is your middle name, send us your resume highlighting what you have to offer using the form at the bottom of the page.


Still in school or not quite qualified for the positions above? As long as you’re a quick study and are committed to learning*, submit your resume and we’ll see if we can find a place for you to better your skills and gain some experience.

*While we don’t want to discourage those of you looking for a summer gig, priority will be given to those who can commit to a longer period of time. There’s a lot to learn in these disciplines, and we feel that it takes more than a few months to get the most out of an internship.